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F-Secure Fights for Digital Freedom – in co-creation with the DIGILE community

F-Secure on yksi aktiivisimmista yrityksistä DIGILEn toiminnassa. Yritys oli esimerkiksi vetovastuussa vuonna 2013 päättyneessä Cloud Software -tutkimusohjelmassa ja jatkoi saman tien Need for Speed -ohjelman puikoissa. Oheisessa videossa F-Securen toimitusjohtaja Christian Fredriksonkertoo, miksi yritys haluaa olla mukana ja minkälaisia tuloksia se on saavuttanut.

F-Secure is one of the most active companies participating DIGILE’s activities. At this moment, the company is leading the N4S programme. Watch the video and listen to the CEO Christian Fredrikson who explains the benefits of DIGILE’s co-creative way of working.

TIVIT Interactive: Long-Term User Research to Steer Strategic Design of a New Cloud Service

Watch the webinar: Harri Kiljander – Long-Term User Research to Steer Startegic Design of a New Cloud Service.

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F-Secure has been developing cloud-based security software for several years. From protecting devices against malware we are currently expanding to protecting the irreplaceable content for the people. F-Secure Content Anywhere is a simple and secure cloud service that backs up the content from user’s devices and allows the user to access the content from any device, any time. In the course of developing Content Anywhere, we organized a long-term user study with a group of key users, who tested the new cloud service with their devices.

We benchmarked the new service against our earlier Online Backup service to validate the new value proposition, users’ mental model, UX design conventions, and to identify areas for further improvement. The long-term user study was supported by an online focus group setting.  This allowed the development team to carry out intimate dialog with the test users, learn from their expectations, gather their feedback, and to probe specific topics that were identified during the research project. In this presentation, we discuss the research method, its applicability to cloud service design and development, and illustrate the Content Anywhere service.